A Complete Guide to Choose Cycling Gloves

The riding gloves on the market are a feast for the eyes, how to choose? What are the recommendations for cycling gloves at different price points? What's the difference between riding gloves and different materials? Let's take a look.

  1. Why wear gloves for cycling?

  2. What are the functions of cycling gloves?

  3. Wearingand cleantips

  4. Buying Guides

Why wear gloves for cycling?

Wearing gloves can reduce the risk of sweating and slipping on the palms, or provide some protection in the event of an accidental crash.

Mountain bike grips, usually with bumpy, non-slip structures, and wearing gloves will make our cycling experience more comfortable.

Wearing gloves can reduce the risk of sweating and slipping on the palms, or provide some protection in the event of an accidental crash.

The thick cushion part of the palm can absorb shock buffer and relieve the hand hemp produced by long rides. In summer the gloves can be used to wipe away sweat, and also prevent hand from sun protection, in the winter it can also protect cyclists hands against the cold. 

What are the functions of cycling gloves?

Gloves are small and their material will vary depending on the wearing area. For example, the back part of the gloves is generally composed of a variety of materials that absorb sweat, improve breathability, isolate ultraviolet, or keep warm, while the palm part is mostly adopts anti-slip and anti-wear technique for functionality, also including cushioning shock absorption. Therefore, the gloves are small, but every place is designed with care and consideration.

1. Breathability
To avoid sultry, the surface material of the riding gloves is usually made from Lycra, nylon, polyester, Among them, Lycra material flexibility is the best,which results in a wide application. Among three layers of cloth, the outermost layer is mesh cloth, the middle is waterproof breathable film, the inside layer is bristles, both of them are waterproof and cold protection, in the cold area, winter gloves is used more commonly.

2. Wipe away sweat
In the thumb area of the riding gloves, there is usually a towel cloth that wipes away cyclist’s sweat that affects the sight during the ride.

3. Non-slip and Wear-resistance
the anti-slip and wear resistance performance is very important because main material of the palm part of the riding glove is always in contact with the gripping, currently PU leather material is commonly adopted in the market.

4. Shock Absorption
The palm part of the riding glove is generally provided with thickened material,made from sponge, EVA foam (rubber foam material made of ethylene-acetic acid copolymer), SBR foam (butyl rubber, butadiene and styrene copolymer), TPE foam (thermoplastic elastomer, also known as synthetic rubber or synthetic rubber), memory foam, shock-absorbing gel (Gel) and so on.
According to the shock-absorbing effect, it is probably the Gel > memory foam > TPE> SBR> EVA > sponge.
Among them, memory foam will slowly bounce after pressing, which provide a a better gripping in the process of use, although the shock absorption effect is weaker than shock-absorbing gel, but more suitable as a shock-absorbing material when riding in the flat terrain and general paving road surface, road and leisure vehicle riding gloves .

Buying Guides

1.All fingers or Half fingers
Generally speaking, all finger riding gloves are only necessary after the temperature drops to single digits. Most of the time, half-fingered gloves are enough.
The advantage of half-finger gloves is that they are cool and flexible. It's convenient to take some energy glue out of your pocket, cell phone, wallet or something, and the disadvantage is not waterproof and cold-proof.

2.Appropriate Size
Generally speaking, the size of gloves is related to height, but there are subtle differences in the number of yards according to manufacturer, even between men and women, adults and children. So appropriate size is the most important .
Due to the texture of the riding gloves, proper cleaning will not make the gloves loose or shrink tight, so do not specifically buy a small size or buy a larger number.
A biker with a fatter finger can choose riding gloves with back part of the hand designed with a whole piece or a a part of glove with a vertical stitch. Vertical stitching retains lateral extended elasticity when worn without tightness.

3. Demand
If daily riding is your purpose, there is no need to spend a lot of money to buy more functional cycling gloves.
If it is children, then you have to pay more attention to anti-slip functionality in addition to size, shock absorption, breathability and other functions, the safety is the first.
Now on the market, there are some riding gloves with added reflective strip gloves, will be more suitable for children and commuters.

4. Match
Gloves color, style, brand, etc, it needs to take usual riding clothes, daily clothing, and vehicle coating into consideration, etc, It is better to choose to some products to match cyclist overall look.