Essential Cycling Gears for Beginners to Start Cycling Journey

Newbies may feel that it is enough for them to buy a bike, for riding around the city for work, cyclist usually won’t be troubled by outside weather, you just need to wear daily clothes and get on your bike, but if you want to go out of town and have a long ride, a lot of Gears are necessity that can reduce a lot of worries to your ride.

Cycling Equipment Classification

Generally speaking, cycling gears can be simply divided into cycling equipments, bicycle accessories, and other necessary cycling repairing.

Cycling Equipments

Cycling Helmets are one of the most indispensable gears for cycling activities.

The function of the helmet is to protect the riders and control the wind. Helmets provide the ultimate protection for cyclists’ life when an accident happens. And helmets have some aerodynamic designs that benefits to a faster riding.

Helmets must be certificated by national safety standard, which is GB national standard,it is usually reflected on the label inside of the helmet.

Here are two more cost-effective, more classic cycling helmets recommendations:

The first cycling helmet is Giro Isode MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet, which is famous for Roc Loc Sport MIPS that provides easy one hand adjustment.

Helmet manufacturing process is one-piece molding, compared to non integrated helmets, its strength and safety will be relatively high.

Cycling Gloves

The choice of gloves can be carried out according to their own needs, if cycling for the purpose of leisure, there is no need for more functional gloves. Commuting and low-intensity riding are basically enough. If the riding intensity is relatively large, you need riding gloves with better anti-slip and shock-relieving properties.

Cycling Clothing

The purpose of cycling clothing is to protect, sweat absorbing, wind resistance reduction and discomfort.
The protective function of the riding suit is mainly brought by the elastic fabric it uses, the cycling suit will tightly wrap around the thigh muscles, providing some protection for the sports muscles. Tight design helps to reduce friction between thigh and seat during thigh movement, protect the thigh from bruising.
Cycling clothes reduce discomfort as well, mainly the inner pad of cycling shorts has a certain shock-absorbing effect, there is appropriate buffering between hips and cushions, reducing the discomfort feeling and oppression when riding. Too tight or too loose cycle shorts can affect the cycling experience. Bright colors are designed to stand out and make it easier for others to notice cyclists.

Cycling Glasses

Cycling glasses is used for eyes protection, reducing the bright light to the eye stimulation, protecting eyes from wind and dust, also anti-flying insects, anti-foreign objects.
There are two broad types:
One is the replacement of different lenses to achieve better protection according to different cycling scenarios, such as Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses, there are three different color lenses, each adapts to different environments.
Another is the lenses change color on their own according to the amount of light in the environment, such as, RockBros Cycling Sunglasses, the color of the lens will be adjusted according to the intensity of ultraviolet light.

Magic Headscarf

Magic headscarf has sun protection, moth protection, sweat, dust protection and other functions. In addition to cycling, running, cross-country, fishing, camping and magic headscarfs can also be used. Magic headscarf color style is various and cyclist can choose and match according to their own preferences.


From personal experience, night riding is not recommended. and there is always a demand to use the lights, so the lights is also a essential item for cycling.
Professional riding headlights are recommended instead of a bright flashlight. the taillights are naturally included in cycling gears. It is recommended to use red taillights because red is more conspicuous and noticeable.

Cycling Kettle and Kettle Holder

The ride requires constant hydration, especially if the cycling lasts more than half an hour.
The characteristics of a cycling kettle is that it can be opened with one hand and drink water while riding without stopping.
While still be careful and keep your bicycle slow before a midway drinking water, as well as pay attention to cars in the front and behind.

Cushion Bag

Cushion Bag can be used for tire replacement tools, inner tubes, changes, keys, energy bars and other small items because of large storage.
It is suggested to choose cushion bag is added with waterproof function, which has a better performance.
You can choose a relatively large cushion bag for long-distance riding.

Versatile Combination Tools

We need to check the tire pressure, brakes, and other parts with screws before setting off. Portable multi-functional combination tools is convenient for cycling repaitring, most of bicycle problems can be handled in time. 

Re-emergence tool and spare inner tube

For long-distance riding, it is recommended to bring an inner tube and tire replacement tool;
Tire replacement tools, including crowbars, tire patches and tire-replenishing glue, mini gas cylinders, etc.