Everything You need to know about Cycle Shorts

Cycling shorts provide cyclists with the comfort of a long ride by friction reduction and some of the shock-absorbing effects provided by the soft padding. Following are some things you need to know before buying cycling shorts.

Cycling shorts are made of elastic materials - usually a mixture of Lycra and nylon - so they move with your stampede to avoid friction on your skin. On the inside of your riding shorts you'll see a cushion or padding that provides some cushioning, but more importantly, it is a soft contact surface for the skin in the seat. black men cycle shorts

It might be surprised that you don't have to wear shorties when you're wearing them that most cycling starter can’t get used to, but it is much more comfortable compared with rubbing against the folds of cotton shorties. Wash it after each use just like your underwear. And it is not recommended to turn them inside and out and wear them for another day.

In addition to the classic tight nylon/Lycra riding shorts, you can also buy a loose version of the biker shorts, which will be more accepted by newbie. They usually have a loose outer layer and a liner that looks like a cropped elastic cycling shorts, Thus, they're also comfortable but don't show all the body curves. Australians call it "shy shorts" for this reason.

The loose-fitting version of the biker, usually lined with cushions, which is popular among mountain bike riders.

And if you want to ride in plain shorts or jeans, you can wear a pair of tracksuits, so you look normal but still comfortable.

It should be noted that if you do not cycle regularly, it will be a good fit not to have a combination of cycling shorts and cushions. Your ass needs to adapt to sitting on the cushion and ride for some time. If you have an opportunity to participate in a ride, such as a long-distance charity ride, it will be much better to ride a few times in advance and gradually accustomed to sitting position.

Strappy Cycling Shorts VS regular Cycling shorts

Because of the support, strappy cycling shorts are very comfortable, but it will not be convenient for a toilet break.

Tight cycling shorts have two more categories: with or without strap support. Strappy riding shorts are more comfortable than regular cycling shorts because there is no waist tightness requirement to prevent slipping, so they're a more professional rider's choice. However, they can be awkward for urination and defecation, especially for female riders (some manufacturers solve this problem by adding fast buckles to their straps), and they can be more expensive.

Regular cycling shorts will have a loose grip around the waist to secure.

If you don't mind the inconvenience of going to the toilet, we definitely recommend strappy tracksuits, which definitely will be a worthy invest for extra comfort.

Chaimos Pads

men cycle shorts Chamois Pads

The cushions or "skins" of the riding shorts provide a cushion and low friction layer to fit the skin.

All cycling shorts have some kind of padding to the skin. It can be a single layer of soft material, or a very complex filler or somewhere in between. You sometimes see this liner called "skin" because the biker pad is made of leather, which needs to be carefully kept by applying suede cream afterwards. Modern suede creams (hip creams) are still used by many riders to reduce friction on long-distance cycling.

Materials and Typography

Cycling pants need to be cropped to match the shape of your body when riding, which means the back is longer and taller than the front. It feels and looks silly when you're not riding, but you'll find it comfortable to ride. This is often referred to as "unbreakable" cropping.

You'll often see cycling pants marked with the number of cuts. Eight-piece cuts are usually better than four or six-pieces, because more pieces of fabric are easier to make precise layouts. But that's not absolute.

There are differences in size between different manufacturers, which means that it is necessary to try on them before purchase and to carefully evaluate the fit of the layout. There may be differences between different models of cycling pants from the same brand.

Antiskid Bands

Anti-skid pads

The silicone anti-slip block ensures that the pants are positioned in a fixed position.

Most cycling pants have an anti-slip design at the bottom of the pants to prevent them from sliding upward. They are usually made of silicone. it may feel a little strange at first, but you'll soon get used to it.

The weight and elasticity of Lycra

Nylon/Lycra mixtures vary in weight and elasticity. Cycling pants can be thin and elastic, or they can be thicker for tighter feeling. Basically it is related with personal preference, but manufacturers claim that compressed fabric is better for your thigh muscles.

The trousers are stitched together with multiple Lycra pieces and are connected by flat lock stitches (below) or wrap stitches.

cycle shorts flatlock stitching


Traditional cycling pants are black because they don't show the mud that comes from the road and the black handprints left behind by the repairs. Colored highlights and blocks are common with a higner price. It's a bad idea to wear white pants: they'll become transparent when they get wet.

Does it make a difference to wear cyclist clothing for long Distance

Following are functions of cycle shorts:

  • Wrap your leg muscles to reduce the amount of energy lost from muscle tremors during exercise, just like the compression pants you wear when you run.
  • Reduce vibration to ensure that the seat does not slide left and right, reducing energy loss. Protect the yin part, do not buy a cushion with silicone, hot and easy hip bone acid, high-end cycling pants are fast-drying fabric sponge pad.
  • The texture of the riding pants makes it easy to export sweat from the body to the outside, keeping the skin dry.
  • The inner thighs of the riding pants and the parts of the material in contact with the seat bag are special, and friction accidents in the upper tube and the inner thigh can be avoided when bending.
  • Strappy track pants do not tie around the waist to ensure the strength of the core muscle group, while ensuring smooth abdominal breathing. Conditional should try to buy strappy cycling pants.

Things to avoid when wearing cycle shorts

  • wear underwear and then wear cycling pants. This is very unfriendly to eggs.
  • silicone edge, including buy silicone pad riding pants and sitting bag on a silicone cushion cover. Silicone is a good material for shock absorption, but it is not suitable for areas with more sweat glands.
  • the compression pants as riding pants. Sponge mats are very useful, okay?
  • buy riding pants with a waist rope. Even loose straps are much better than waist-strap cycling pants.
  • cushion adjustment is not suitable, too high, too low, not horizontal. If there is no condition fitting, the cushion experience height for the crank 6 point position is just the heel to step on the foot. And the angle of tilting forward or backward should not exceed 5 degrees.