Meditation In The Sound Of Bike Cogset

Growing up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, Kate never lacks places to explore. There are extensive forests, endless wilderness, vast lakes and rushing rivers. 

In the view of tourists, these places are condensed into a series of numbers and photos, and finally become a beautiful and short memory of dopamine mixed with the aroma of alcohol.

To Kate, Northwoods of Wisconsin means her life. She accompanies it on two wheels through four seasons, carefully tracing its contours.

With the sun and moon alternating in the sky, puffy clouds and drifting snow, there is no repetition of scenery for her. Each time she sets out, she is filled with anticipation, rejoicing in the arrival of a new day, cheering for a new destination, and inspired by her new self. 

She said: "The most exciting thing is not reaching a certain place, but the process of getting closer to the destination."

Kate likes to set off in the early morning, the whole town is still asleep with moonlight, silent streets are empty. Sounds of bike cogset is crisp and pleasant. Outside windows, thick clouds press towards the ground, which is a unique landscape in this season, tinting the sky a foggy blue.

Kate works in a bike store now. She was drawn to the sound of bike cogset one day, which she found was the most amazing and beautiful sound in the world. 

Like a sudden revelation from God, she woke up in a flash to what she was supposed to be doing. When she really went for it, she was even more convinced that she was right.

She loves cycling enthusiasts, their positive outlook on life is contagious and there is always laughter where they are. They love to help each other out,too. Kate always gets satisfaction when she helps beginners fit a bike in the store or helps them find the right bike.

She enjoys the feeling of being one of nature. In the vast world, she is free and small, those troubling trivialities are even more insignificant.  

Fresh scent of pine mixed with earth makes her feel calm. Smell with a touch of coolness takes away some of her chaotic thoughts as she breathes. 

Like many cyclists, Kate is immersed in her thoughts during the ride. She would also stop to stare into space and empty her mind.

When riding uphill, she stood up and rode, still looking at the snow-capped mountains in the distance. She breathed fog to air and greeted an oncoming red car on the other side, then they passed by each other's lives chicly.

Kate rode to the point where she could still see the full view of the snow-capped mountains and turned back. She said, “This time I came to see the snow-capped mountains, further on it is another scenery, I'll take it as the next cycling tour.”

On the return trip, warm sunlight poured through the clouds onto the ramps. Kate's face was beaming with happiness. The leisurely downhill was earned on hard climbing.

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