What every cyclist should carry for a long distance ride?

Cycling is a healthy and natural way of sports tourism, can fully enjoy the beauty of the travel.
It is simple and environmental-friendly that people can go cycling with a bicycle and a backpack, Experiencing challenges in the midst of constant difficulties and success at the end of your journey. Let's check out which equipment people need for cycling!

Bike and Accessories
1. Code table: display time, speed, top speed, total mileage, cycling time (a better allocation physical fitness).
2. Bike Front Bag: used for mobile phone, charging treasure, candy, headphones and other small items.
3. Lights: In case you haven't reached your destination at night or crossed a tunnel.
4. Cycling Kettle: a special cycling kettle for easy access during cycling if there is a water shortage, add a large insulation cup on the back of the car seat.
5. Tail stand: the tail stand is not used to carry people,but used to place bags.
6. Camel bag: camel bag is equivalent to a car trunk, which is intended to accommodate a variety of objects, easy assemble and disassemble, strong and waterproof, but also prevent falling when go downhill, never let you fly easily into the sky!

Repair tools and bike consumables
1. Portable gas cylinder: re-hydration repair car
2. Spare tire: to prepare one or two inner tubes for long distance ride.
3. Multi-functional repair tools:It is suggested to learn some basic repair skills for long distance riding like tire replacement, brake pads or something.
4. Chain oil: Apply chain oil every 200 km.
5. Cycle Fender: In order to prevent mud splashing , the front and rear fender needs to be installed in advance.
6. Brake pads: brakes are very important,if you are planning a long distance ride, it is better to check the brakes before departure every day.

Cycling Clothing and Daily Necessities
1. Helmets: keep you safe if any falls
2. Sun hat (1), magic turban (3): sun protection against dust
3. Cycling glasses: windproof with bright lights
4. Gloves (one pair for long and short), outdoor shoes, hole shoes
5. Clothes: cycling tops and cycling pants (two sets), jackets (1 set),fast dry clothes (1 set), underpants socks, 1 set of normal clothes
6. Cycling raincoat: rain, snow and warm
7. Towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, body lotion, paper towel
Medical supplies
1. For Scratch: Band-aid, disinfectants, Gauze, cotton swabs
2. Anti-inflammatory drugs, diarrhea drugs, vitamin tablets, aloe vera glue

Other Additional Supplies
1. Mobile phone, charging treasure (2), ID card.
2. Lighter, pen, notebook.
3. Multi-use plug- and multi-use socket: some places less charging socket;
Hair dryer:For the convenience of drying clothes on the road, clothes and shoes can be blow-dried.
4. Tent sleeping bag: If you need to sleep in the wild, you need to prepare tent sleeping bag and moisture-proof mat.