Rahhint Cycling Gloves

Rahhint Gloves accompany you to ride through the seasons

Rahhint took 2 years to innovate the design and fit of cycling gloves from the inside out based on the distribution of tendons and muscles in the palm and the shape of the palm, ensuring extreme fit and aesthetics, providing year-round comfort and protection.

The Importance of Wearing Gloves While Riding. No matter what season you ride in, cycling gloves are a must. A proper pair of cycling gloves not only provides warmth, protection from sunburn and cushioning or protect our hands from abrasions after a fall, but also prevents carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar tunnel syndrome and calluses.

Ultimate Comfort, Different Highlights

Fitted panel, neat seams

The 3D tailoring process ensures that every part of the glove fits the hand. Whether your hands are in natural state or holding the handlebar, our gloves won't crumple, bunch or loose, allowing shift or brake flexibly, giving you maximum tactility and feedback from the road. Seams are neat and tight without friction to hands, positioned to make hands look slimmer.

Shocks absorpting, anti-slip, anti-abrasion

The palm of Rahhint gloves is ergonomically designed to adapt to different forces subjected to hands when bending, there’s SBR padding on the thumb side, the ulna side and the ball of the palm, evenly distributing and absorbing the force transmitted by the handlebar, preventing soreness, carpal tunnel syndrome and ulnar tunnel syndrome. The palm is made of non-slip and wear-resistant material to ensure the control of the handlebar and your safety

Quality materials, Comfortable, Breathable

We use skin-friendly materials as gloves' lining,  highly elastic and breathable fabrics as the cover. All materials are moisture-wicking, keeping your palms dry to avoid calluses due to sweat build-up. Spring, summer and fall gloves have sun protection with ventilation holes and winter gloves are waterproof. All gloves have sweat towels on the thumbs.


Rahhint full finger gloves feature touchscreen-sensitive material on both the index finger and thumb for easy phone using throughout the ride without removing the gloves.