Care Instructions

General advice

Taking good care of your garment results in better function and protection, allowing you to focus on your training. Don't wash your functional garment more often than necessary; it saves both the clothes and the environment.

Follow the instructions on the product's care label and use an environment-friendly detergent (dose carefully).

 To ensure that your garment maintains its shape and to avoid wear and tear, always close zippers, Velcro openings, buckles and buttons before washing.

 Don't use fabric softener when washing functional clothes. Softener encapsulates the fibers and thus ruins the fabric's ability to transport moisture.

Hang your jerseys and shorts inside out when you get home. If you are not able to wash your garments right away, hang them instead of throwing them in a pile. the longer cycling shorts and jerseys stay damp with sweat, the more likely, they are to grow odor-causing bacteria.