We yearn for the outdoors, love nature, want to measure the planet by our feet. We always feel sorry when we learn the destruction of a place and eager to do more to redeem, to remedy and to protect Mother Earth permanently.

Outdoor activities exercise our bodies and help improve mental health. Every outdoor enthusiast is contributing to mitigating the negative impact of global warming. We believe that every intimate interaction with nature is a big step towards a better future.

 Therefore, our mission is not only to provide cozy and premium gloves and socks for outdoor enthusiasts, but also to actively promote sustainable development, protect our comfortable living environment. We also call on more people to devote themselves to outdoor activities, an environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

Environmentally friendly materials 

We avoid using unnecessary additives in our materials. Most of our products are made of mulesing-free merino wool, environmentally friendly nylon and polyester. As much as possible, we take care not to mix polyester with materials that are not friendly to the environment or human beings. This practice also facilitates the possibility of recycling at a later stage.

Save resources by producing durable accessories

Over-consumption of resources is also a major cause of global warming and environmental degradation. Therefore, we insist on designing and producing comfortable, lightweight and durable gloves and socks, using tougher materials with finer and flatter stitching methods to extend the life of our products and make them more wearable and washable.

Low-carbon supply chain

When designing and developing new products, we actively experiment with new organic and eco-friendly materials. The suppliers we choose also follow the rules of the latest chemicals legislation (REACH) and recommendations for use. We do our best to reduce the weight of our packaging while maintaining its aesthetic appeal, both in terms of material consumption and the amount of gasoline that needs to be consumed during transportation, thus reducing CO2 emissions.

Eco-friendly Materials

Taken from nature, give back to nature. A virtuous circle that can be recycled and reused is conducive to sustainability.

Durable Apparel

Gloves and socks for long-lasting use can reduce unnecessary waste of resources.

Keep Going Outdoors

Positive influence on people around us and our children with persistent outdoor activities.